How do I control a student and employee attendance system using a GPS tracking system?

These days, you have many systems that let you control attendance with GPS (global positioning system). The companies that are making these systems can be called pioneers in the domain of attendance tracking systems considering the decades of experience they have in this regard. These systems are designed in such a way that everyone working in your organization has access to the same. When you are using these systems, you can be sure that you do not have to use that old software, which was boring and clunky, anymore. With these new systems no longer do you have to be tied to such useless technology!

Tracking the attendance of students

In most schools and colleges till now attendance of students is marked the same way it was done centuries back – in a manual way. This means that there is a higher chance for misappropriation such as proxy. In some educational institutions, they use biometric attendance systems that are mounted on walls. This can lead to other problems such as wastage of time. Such devices can be damaged rather easily as well. Unlike modern technology being used in the domain such technology does not allow you to map things such as professors, students, and subjects.

What are the advantages of these systems?

The benefits of using such technology may be mentioned as below:

  • they are Cloud-based
  • they let you manage attendance at multiple locations
  • they offer geofencing and location facilities
  • they enable group attendance from a single login
  • they let you take attendance through selfies
  • they help with leave management

Since they are Cloud-based systems your students and employees can access them from any location that is convenient for them. One of the best systems that you can try in this regard is the suite of solutions from Fortuna Impex. It has all the benefits that have been mentioned above.