If it is transparent and covers some parts of the face between eye brow & upper lips, our suggestion is while enrolling such guys, please wear the specs to do the first half, and without specs to do the next half.
The optimum height is 1.15m - 1.2m, the optimum distance is: 30cm - 80cm between the face and the screen.
Regarding the above two points, first of all, please make sure the device is installed correctly, it should be installed such that no direct sunlight falls on the device, then the height should be 1.15m - 1.2m, third. Please enroll with the attached guide. For some special face, which is difficult to be identified (it is very, very low percentage), we suggest you to use Card+Face verify mode.
The standard entry level user capacity starts from 300. The maximum we can achieve is 4000 Templates in the Top end Model. It is the largest capacity for 1:N verification mode now.
We don't suggest to enroll and verify when wearing the sunglasses, as Face ID captures the characters between the eyebrow and upper lip, so any part between this area of the face should not be covered.
The first product with the Algorithm was released in 2008 commercially, and now over 4,50,000 units installed worldwide.
These can not offer high performance, good stability, High accuracy ,fast & consistent speed, in 1:N Mode for large No. of employees. The most important thing is that the core technology/facial algorithm is not experienced & matured over a large No. of faces & lighting condition.
Some of the points worth mentioning is as under :
  • Failure to enroll and acquire rate is less than 0.0001%
  • Incident trackable for security with a photo which captured by camera, there is no evidence with fingerprint technology to track the incident.
  • Accurate and Fast realtime Identification:
  • User friendly interface: Contactless authentication for hygiene. Other identification technologies like Finger, Vein, Palm, etc. is physical touch based causing health concerns in users.
  • No Security threats as the Face is Public. Finger Prints/Palms/Veins are not public & may be misused & may even cause Security concerns, especially when Aadhaar based identification is going to become mandatory in a number of Application including Banking.
Some of the points worth mentioning is as under :
  • We provide up to 20,000 Lux Lighting compatibility, which is highest in embedded platform. This means that you can install the product in an environment with shelter & no direct sunlight.
  • Large User Capacity in Identification Mode: Up to 4000 Persons in 1: N Mode.
  • Leading Patented “Dual Sensor” Facial Recognition Algorithm, much more data than fingerprint, FAR <0.0001%
  • Security image capacity over 70,000
It is targeted for the industrial market. It is strong and has a robust design casing
The template size is 16KB, the device saves 18 templates, and each template is 900B.
We use the normal up to 4 GB SD card (expandable) in the expansion slot.
Yes, we store the same in the SD card & can be uploaded to a computer using Compro-Facia & tagged to the “Access Denied” & “ Access Allowed” transactions for records.
A fresh round of improvement of our Facial recognition algorithm is on, All can participate to collect template of Black/very dark persons with special features, such as small eyes, heavy mustaches & beard, big eyebrows, fat or thin faces, twins, etc. We are continuously collecting such extreme cases, to train the algorithm for sharper identification.
Please note that the Finger Print Technology is available in India for at least 13 years now. The new technology evolution is required & Companies are looking forward to a more advanced technology product then Finger Print based system. There is no right product in the market for Facial Recognition,Which means that there lies a great market untapped potential for this product. There are cases that there is some group of persons whose fingers are not usable. Face Recognition using Face ID product can be used for such group in addition to the Finger Print System. Please note that Face recognition based system requirement will increase heavily in 2016, since it is proven in Worldwide Market.

CONCLUSION : The market is waiting for a Good Product & we have to incase the market opportunity to cover the market and to get the best market share as soon as possible.

Enrollment Guide

  • Distance of approx. 20 centimeters to 100 centimeters is required between face and screen.
  • During the enrollment, please show your face in the middle of the screen according to the guide on the screen like turn head to left or right side, or raise and lower head slightly, so that the every part of your facial character is acquired by the sensor.
  • When you are wearing glass, please take off your glass/specs after the half enrollment process then continue the second half enrollment.
  • When the white dashed frame appears, it means your face can’t be detected by the system, please adjust your face expression and position.
  • The green line frame will display if the device detects your face successfully.
  • Preferred Conditions: Sheltered use without direct sun, Normal face expression.
  • Forbidden Conditions: Direct sunshine, Wear sunglasses.