Designed by Fortuna, a 22 year old pioneer in the field of time and attendance, the purpose of eZeeHR is to make your office attendance available to anyone and everyone in your organisation without the use of old, clunky, and boring software binding you to the same network. eZeeHR takes care of the minutest details which might be causing you troubles as of now. With features like Geo-tagging, selfie attendance, and reports on demand, we would like to automate a system, which was done manually for years.

eZeeHR is also a proof that something as monotonous as attendance can be fun as well. After all, who doesn't like taking a selfie?

Single solution to multiple problems!

Cloud Based

Available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and on any platform.

Geo Location and Fencing

Know where your employees punch attendance through geo location. Also lock designated zones where they can punch by geo fencing.

Selfie Attendance

Take a selfie, get recognized and authenticated, and post your attendance. As simple as 1, 2, and 3!


Management of multiple branches at a single point. Also get Org wise attendance reports.

Group Attendance from single Login

Now take attendance for all your employees using selfie through a single login

Leave Management

Apply for leave, on duty, and assign jobs to your workforce all with a single app.