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Checkmate XT - Cost Effective Multi Door Access Controller and Monitoring Panel

Checkmate XT is the Next Generation Multi-door Cost Effective Access Controller .It manages upto 4 Proximity Smart Card Reader (Weigand Compatible) installed at various doors in an organization .The low cost ,small ,attractively packaged front end Readers are connected to the Controller in a Star Connection and the Lock release output is driven from the Controller itself. Hence no intelligent hardware is required at the door end.
Checkmate XT provides a field configurable intelligent Engine for taking care of any organization’s access control requirement .The controller can be configured using a Software Front-end ,COMPRO XP. Once the Checkmate is configured, all the Access Control decisions are taken by the controller making it truly a standalone system independent of PC application .It can be used in an on-line mode for larger PC Controlled Facility Management/Building Automation System.
Multiple Checkmate XT’s can be networked on a RS485 bus or on a Ethernet Network with suitable hardware for larger applications.


Card Reader Technology :
One of the following type of card Reader may be used as front end user interface for Access Control :

           MicroTIP : Finger Print Reader :
           Finger Print Reader works on Biometric Technology. Upto 2 fingers can be enrolled. The Finger Print Reader is used as            front end reader at the door. Upon placing the finger, if the user is enrolled, the ID Number against the finger is            identified & the reader transmits the ID code for access validation to Checkmate XL. If the card holder is found valid            then the Access is granted..

            MicroSMART : Contact less Smart Card Reader :
           Contact less Smart card Reader works on 13.56 MHz RF based on MIFARE technology.It is useful where Multi-            application  for employee card is envisaged. MicroSMART, compliant to ISO 14443 Protocol, can be used(Read Range            3).HID iClass Readers may also be used.

            MicroPROX : Proximity Card Reader(RF ID) :
            Proximity Reader is based on 125 KHz  RF technology and reads the Proximity cards on show within read range The. Entry             level MicroPROX reader has a read range of  3”. HID Prox Point Reader may also be used.

Hardware Features

●  4 Reader Interface
Panel supports 4 Weigand Reader interface.The Reader type supported is Proximity, Smart Card or Finger Print reader. Readers can individually be upto 100 m cable distance from the Controller.

●  4 Relay Output for Lock Operation
The relay outputs are available for Lock Release & are tagged to one or more Reader for door operation as per requirement.12V wetted contact can be provided from the built-in  Power Supply for Lock operation.

●  4 Exit Push Switch Input
There is a provision for 4 Exit Push Switches & is paired with the lock, it is going to release. The switch is normal Push Button offering momentary contact. The lock is operated upon usage for Lock On-Time.

●  4 Door Open Sensor Input
For monitoring the status of the Door (i.e. Open or Close), Door Open Sensor input is used. The Door open sensor input is paired with a lock. It is useful for Turnstile operation for locking it upon rotation feedback.

●  Built-in  Lock Power Supply
A Bulk 12V Power Supply is  centrally connected to the controller to power the locks thereby removing the necessity for power supplies near  lock. Optionally, UPS with battery may be provided.


Access Control Features

●  ACCESS GROUP : 4 Access  Groups may be defined. Each Access Group are associated with one or more locks. One or more Readers/Exit switches are linked to a lock in an Access Group.

●  ATTENDANCE GROUP : Attendance Group is used for recording Employee Attendance and accepts all cards at all time. These data are later used for Attendance Report generation.

●  GROUP ANTIPASS BACK : Enable / Disable for each Access Group. Hard Antipassback : No exit w/o valid Entry, violation alarm.

●  TIME ZONE : 4 user definable Time zones per Access Group. The Time Zones could be enabled/Disabled for Holiday/Weekly off. “ALLOW ALL” Time Zone is possible for rush hours.

●  CARD HOLDER DATABASE : Each Access Group has its own set of Card Holders linked to one or more Time Zones for the Group. Card holder can be member of Multiple Access Groups. Upto 2000 IDs over all the Access Groups.

●  VISITOR  DATABASE : A visitor based on entry from the Central Computer would have access defined based on the Access Group. The Access rights can be withdrawn upon visitor leaving. Upto 100 visitor ID database may be defined.

●  HOLIDAY DATABASE TABLE : 30 Holiday Dates & a Weekly off Day can be defined for barring Access. Upto 100 card holders can be provided access irrespective of  Holidays based on their default Access Groups & Time Zones.

●  HOLIDAY MASTER CARD : For Card holders not included in Holiday Database Table, requiring entry on holiday/weekly off in their Time Zone, Master Card needs to be shown before the Card Holders card. Upto 5 Holiday master cards per Access Group may be defined.         

●  DOOR  OPEN  TO LONG (DOTL) : If the Door open sensor input is ON for a period longer than the lock on - time, Alarm is raised & recorded. This may be used for on-line monitoring of doors on Central Monitoring Computer.

●  LOCK ON-TIME : Lock on-time for door opening after Card Show is User Settable. The Lock shuts after this time. This can be used with Door open Sensor for exception monitoring.

●  EMERGENCY OPERATION : All Doors are opened based on Fire Alarm /closed in case of Burglar Alarm Panel Input. Resetting of Alarms results in normal operation.All alarms are logged for analysis.

●  ACCESS  RIGHTS EMERGENCY OPERATION : Card Holders can be temporarily Enabled/disabled from the Card Holder Table in the Controller. This feature is useful in case of ID card loss.

●  EMERGENCY LOCK OPEN : Central Computer can open a lock remotely with authorization. All such events are logged.


Computer can be connected to a single  Controller within 15 m using RS232  , or multiple controllers thru RS485 upto 1.2 Km in bus topology or thru a add on Ethernet interface for plugging into the  TCP/IP network(Optional).The COMPRO XP software running on the Computer is used for excercising all the features explained in the Hardware and Firmware section.


6 core multistrand(each core 14/36)  shielded cable for Reader is used. One Pair each of electrical multistrand  cable(each core 1.5 sq mm) is used for Lock operation, Lock Feedback (DOTL ) and Exit Switch. These cable  runs from  each Door to Checkmate XT Controller .Cable length should not exceed 100 m.

COMPRO XP : Configuration and Report Generation Software
Compro XP software, apart from configuring Checkmate XT to the user’s requirement also downloads the transactions and generates reports for First In Last Out , Movement Report , Access reports for Access groups, visitor IN-OUT reports etc. Data is available in tables for user to create his own reports or to link to their HR/Attendance/Payroll package.

Data Management

Checkmate XT stores the last 10000 transactions including the date / time ,ID , Access Area etc. so that movement tracking/Attendance is possible. The Central Monitoring computer optionally can show the current location of Person in on-line mode. The Central Monitoring Computer connected to the Checkmate XT  over the Serial RS232C/Ethernet network can do so in a continuous manner, On-line mode or in a Batch-mode collecting the data from the controller once in a while manually.



  • CPU : High Performance 16 bit Microcontroller
  • Memory : 12500 Transaction  Data Storage with ID #, Date,Time and Access Information.
  • Battery Back-up : Retention of Clock & Data under power-off
  • Communication :  RS232C or RS485(Isolated)
    (Ethernet or Modem Connectivity using additional hardware)
  • Data Upload Speed :1000 Records/Minute(9600BPS)                 
  • CPU Power : Wide Range SMPS(110V to 260V@50Hz +/-5Hz,5W)
  • Lock Power : Built-in 12V,3 Amp Power Supply for Locks
  • UPS with Battery : Optionally available with 4 hours back-up time
  • Card Reader Interface : 4 Reader 26 bit Weigand Interface 
  • Relay Output : 4 Potential Free/12V Wet Contact O/P for Locks
  • Exit Switch : 4 Exit Switch Input Interface
  • Lock Feedback : 4 Door Open Sensor Interface for Lock Feedback
  • General Purpose Input/Output : 4 GPI and 4 GPO(TTL Level)
  • Dimension : 350(H) X 367(W) X 95(D) mm
  • Enclosure : Dust Resistant ,Corrosion  Free MS Casing
  • Colour : Powder Coated Metallic Silver Colour
  • Operating Temperature : 0-55 Degree Centigrade


  • Checkmate XT : Access Controller with 4 Reader I/F, 4 Relay Output
  • UPS with Battery : UPS with battery for 4 hours back-up time
  • MiniProx/Prox Point Plus : HID  Proximity Card Reader
  • MicroPROX : Proximity Card Reader with Read Range upto 3”
  • MicroSMART : Contactless Smart Card Reader (Read Range upto 3”)
  • MicroTIP : Integrated Finger Print and Contactless Smart card Reader
  • DVR XP : 8 Channel DVR System integrated with Online Access Control Software
  • COMCON : RS232C to RS485 Converter
  • COMCON TCP/IP : RS232C to Ethernet Converter on TCP/IP Protocol
  • COMPRO XP : Configuration,Data Capture and Reporting  Software
  • MIS Time Pro LITE : Time Office Management Software
  • MIS Time Pro Enterprise:Time Office Management Software for Factory
  • eTIME Pro : Web based Time Office Management Software
  • PayLITE : Payroll Management Software
  • ID Card : (a) Proximity Card (b) Contactless Smart Card (1K/4K)
  • Door Lock : (a)Strike (b)EM Lock (c)Turnstile (d)Drop bolt (e)Boom
  • Cable : (a)Reader Cable (b) Communication cable(c) Lock Cable
  • Accessories : (a)Exit Switch (b) Door Sensor