About Us

We are hardware manufacturers of Fingerprint based biometric devices and Access Control Systems. We specialise in providing innovative, advanced and feature rich biometrics and access control solutions by providing users Hardware and application software built under the same roof, so that not only our hardware-software integration is tight, but also giving our customers a seamlessly smooth experience.

We started our operations in 1996 and have acquired a wide clientele with pan India footprint. We are also associated with HANVON CHINA, world class leader of Face Recognition systems, and have formed a Technology Partnership through a Joint Venture called FaceID Systems.

At Fortuna, we try to think different; we try to be problem solvers; we try to do things no one in our industry has ever done. That’s the reason why our products and solutions are always one of the first, if not the first, in an otherwise crowded market.

We were the first to introduce “Push to Server Technology” for multi locations. In fact, Attendance on Cloud, Automated Classroom Attendance Solution, Web Based HRMS, Smart Canteen, Access Control on Cloud have been breakthroughs in the Security Industry. Seamless integration of solutions coupled with a broad and robust portfolio of best – in – class products enable us to provide end – to– end connected solutions for workplaces.


  • Year 1996 – Fortuna Impex Pvt Ltd formed
  • Year 1997 - Fortuna500, a Barcode Swipe Reader, is launched. Fortuna is the first Indian company in the small-scale segment.
  • Year 2000 - Adopted contactless Smart Card Technology. Our first Mifare SmartCard reader manufactured and launched.
  • Year 2001- Manufactured Gateway2000, our first Fingerprint based biometric system.
  • Year 2003 - CheckmateXP, India's first 16 reader Access control panel, launched.
  • Year 2004 – First Fingerprint based handheld launched in the market. 300 customer mark reached!
  • Year 2007 - India's first GPRS based biometric system manufactured and introduced in the market.
  • Year 2008 - Push Technology introduced in attendance. First in India.
  • Year 2009 – MicroBEN Bio, in house manufactured biometric attendance system installed in MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS
  • Year 2011 – Attendance on Cloud – eZeeHR introduced
  • Year 2012 – FaceID - an entirely new range of Facial Recognition devices - launched in the market.
  • Year 2016 – Smart Roll Call - Classroom Attendance Solution For Colleges launched with clientele like IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, etc.


  • Technological Superiority:
    • 1. Push Technology: All our products are capable of transferring data by “Push Technology” when there is clear connectivity between a device and a Server. If there is disruption in connectivity, the data will keep getting accumulated in a process queue, and the queue will get flushed out once the connection is re-established.
    • 2. Distributed Architecture: Distributed Architecture over LAN or GPRS is more reliable, cost effective, and easy to maintain, reducing the cost of LAN cable and also eliminating single point failures. The Server can even communicate with the Attendance Terminals installed on Broad Band (No Static IP needed) for Employee/Template Management.
    • 3. Template Management Software: We store finger/face templates in a central location so that the same template may be reused in other terminals, completely removing the need for multiple enrolment in a location with multiple devices.
    • 4. Auto Synching of Attendance Machine Clock: All the Attendance machines will get synced to server clock, automatically, to ensure that all the Attendance clocks are having uniform Date/Time. There is no need to manually synch the clock.
    • 5. Finger Template Storage in Smart Card: Fortuna offers Storage of 2 Finger Templates on Smart Card of 1 KB capacity. In a remote location, the template may be downloaded directly from this smartcard.
  • Integration with existing solutions:
    • 1. Integration with other Hardware Fortuna devices can be integrated with external hardware like DVR, Fire alarm system, Vehicle Tracking System etc. We support customer to have complete security solution.
    • 2. Integration with Third party software Fortuna Software can be integrated with various third party software like Payroll, Tally, ERP, SAP etc. This helps customer / HR Person to avoid maintaining different Database rather importing the Data directly from Fortuna T&A software.
  • Use of best Industrial hardware while manufacturing:
    • 1. Industrial Grade Devices Many of the devices designed by us are extremely rugged, fall-proof and can work in voltage fluctuations, in a variety of temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 deg. C, making us one of the very few hardware providers whose products can withstand factory environments.
    • 2. Best Finger Print Sensors We use “SUPREMA” sensor in all our products. This is World’s Best Sensor as adjourned in FVC competition. The Finger Templates are ISO 19794-2 compliant, which could be useful for Inter-operability.
  • Continuous introduction of latest technology in product line:
    • 1. Web Based Solution offerings Our nextGen solutions are completely Web Based applications with futuristic Employee Self-Service Dash Board with Workflow for Leave, Tour Application, approval Process. Its unique Text & Graphical Reports will help you to harness the Power of an Online System.
    • 2. Scalable Systems Fortuna Offers fully scalable system, which can be expanded on number of Devices and users/employees as and when the organization grows and new locations are added.
    • 3. Customization Customer first is an ideology we believe in. Thus we also cater to the new requirements and do customization for our esteemed customers.
  • Easy repairs:
    • Since we make our products in house, we give support for each of our products for 5 years. This means, any fault in your device can be solved by us. No need to replace!
  • Pan India Support:
    • Fortuna is having a Team of Well trained , experienced support Engineers to provide after sale support. On line help/ support is extended Free of Cost. Further we provide Training to the partners free of cost.