JUST HRMS – Simple, Smart and Secure

India's easiest HRMS suite is here! With justHRMS, we have tried to take up an "All-in-One" approach to the way a company operates. With each employee having his/her own user login with varying permissions as per hierarchy, they can apply for lkeave, view self attendance, view attendance of subordinates and view attendance reports in a myriad of formats. Also, we have added the feature for selfie for attendance with facial recognition and geo loaction. So say goodbye to a non transparent system.

For the HRs and managers who do not want to open the website daily, you can schedule a run so that daily at a specified time, you have your reports ready on your email!

Multiple shift module

RBAC user role based login

Employee Leave application

15+ Report formats

Attendance on Selfie

Report scheduler

SmartFace - The software integration paradise

If you're looking for a perfect middleware for a system integrator who wants only to use our biometric devices with any possible 3rd party application, look no further! With features like template management and remote enrollment, this beast of a software can be integrated with all FaceID and Fortuna devices. With a brilliantly modularized architecture, and a host of web APIs available, we believe we have all your bases covered.

However, for the people who like to take the game even deeper, we develop newer APIs as per your customised requirement*. This application is perfect for you to get your hands on the entire Fortuna ecosystem.

Open architecture

Holiday Management

Template Management

Huge API Library for integration

RBAC Role based Login