X Match – Sleek, Stylish, Superb!

This beast of a device is one of the most good-looking device on the market. Capable of holding 9500 fingerprint templates, and getting integrated with access control, the XMatch is the most suitable device for Corporates, Large offices, R&D centers, etc.

Also, this is one of the few, if not the only biometric device that works along with a 4G SIM card.

Onyx – Modern Day Style Icon

Who said that a biometric system needs to be a rectangle? The Onyx furthers our argument with its unique design. We have designed this device with utmost precision so that it provides premium looks with even more premium performance. With 1000 fingerprint templates on board, this device is the perfect buy for small-medium enterprises.

MicroBEN Bio – Industrially Rugged

The Micro BEN Bio is the industry standard on our lineup of devices. With 9600 fingerprint template storage capacity, and integration with access control devices, this powerhouse can also support optional in-built card readers, GPRS and WiFi modules in its industrial metallic enclosure. This is the most rugged device on our lineup.

Ozone Bio – The Urbane

If you thought, all biometric systems looked the same, then think again! With the fingerprint sensor placed on top, this design gives a very pleasant viewing angle to the display. With 1900 fingerprint template storage capacity, this elegant, yet different device is ideally suitable for medium size offices, multi-location retail chains, and the hospitality sector.

Gateway 2000 Tip - The Stellar Performer

As the name suggests, this device is the only the Tip of the Gateway of opportunities! We have tried to make this device as different as possible – from the shape of the dye, right up to the utility. With a capacity of 9500 finger templates, 16 digit employee ID, built in mifare card reader and writer, and an optional 4 hours battery backup, there is nothing more left to offer in this device.